Production and Choice of Products

The work with each product is very time-consuming, and this means that the jewellery, the tools and the weapons can only be produced in relatively small quantities. Our catalogue encompasses replications of masters already produced; but still every item is cast to order! Some of our work you will not find listed by number in the catalogue. Those will be Bronzes made exclusively for museums like The Museum at Trelleborg, Esbjerg Museum, The Viking ship Museum in Roskilde and other institutions.

Some of the products are relative new finds like the oval animal shaped brooch (Ravn Cat. nr. 74) from Brynshøj in Odsherred Denmark. The brooch was one of an unique pair found in 2003 in an early Viking age grave. The originals can be seen at Odsherreds Kulturhistoriske Museum.

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Ken Lofoten
Oval animal-shaped brooch Type N1a . OHM 1764x48. Length 4,4 cm.