Experimental Archaeology

Ravn P.C.T is involved  with several experimental projects. The founder of the company Ken Ravn Hedegaard is an archaeologist with a masters degree from the University of Copenhagen. When a customer for example requires Bronze axes for reconstructing a Bronze Age vessel; Ravn P.C.T will make sure these Bronzes have been annealed and finished according to the original methods. We of course also advice regarding the hafting, polishing and re-sharpening.

Some projects calls for co-work with other craftsmen. In 2006 a square-formed horses harnesses mount had to be re-created – a project for the Viking Museum at Borg in Lofoten Norway. This project demanded no less than three craftsmen. Ravn P.C.T to do the very Bronze master and the six copies including some silverwork, but also Niels Vase from Denmark to apply the gold gilding and Gary Waidson from the U.K to do the leatherwork.

Ken Lofoten
Replicated horse harness mount Type C7.
6th Century.A.D. Total length 6,4 cm.