2012 Calendar

Feb. 16-17: Haderslev Museum. Denmark. The Bronzeage. Activities for the young: Make your own wax model. Wield a bronze age sword, work with a bronzeax.. Bronzecasting exhibition.

May. 04-06. The Viking Market at Ribe. Denmark.

May. 26-28. Viking-period bronzecasting demonstrations at The Vikingcenter Fyrkat. Hobro. Denmark.

June. 23-24. Exhibition of Roman bronze casting (in cohort wth the Legion VI Victric. Cimbria). The Roman Castell at Xanten. Germany.

Juli. 07-08. Napoleon-period metal work. Brasssheet work, miniature bronzecanon casting. Re. the ship of the linie H.M.S. St. George 1811. Strandningmuseet. Thorsminde. Denmark.

Juli. 14-15: Rahsegler auf der Schlei. Haithabu. Viking market with some fifteen vikingships. Haithabu. Schleswig Town. Germany.

Juli. 19-22: The Bronzeage festival at Egtved. Bronzeage casting, exhibition and activities. The Egtved-girls burialmound close to Egtved. Denmark.