Ravn P.C.T gets many new orders on prehistoric Bronze jewellery. We excel in objects from the Scandinavian and the North European prehistoric periods and the early Middle Ages. Nearly all new orders demand the construction of a new master.

Why not just copy an original? Because the originals themselves rarely are without trace of disintegration and mechanical wear and tear. Besides that, a direct copy would mean an object smaller than the original, due to that not only wax but also the Bronze shrinks as it solidifies. A problem metal-casters have been facing for more than five thousand years!

After studying the original directly and having consulted the literature, we have to select the right material to create the master in. Ravn P.C.T. of course go for the old options like wax, bone, antler, wood, leather and lead. Each material has it's

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Ken Lofoten
Melting the bronze, working the bellows.