In 2020 Ravn Prehistoric Casting Technique in Denmark can celebrate the company's 25th. Anniversary. The company, which works exclusively with re-creation of prehistoric Bronze jewellery, weapons and other artifacts, suddenly finds it has a history of its own!

Ravn P.C.T. is still using antique casting methods. But first comes time-consuming research regarding the historical and archaeological background on each new project. The goal is to find out how – say a as a typical example, a Viking period trefoil Bronze brooch – an piece was produced and how it was put to use and in what context it existed!

Where implementing modern tools or methods might risk the finished product to suffer in accuracy and authenticity, or important information are in danger to be overseen; Ravn P.C.T have the ability to replicate the brooch using experimental archaeology. Meaning: old-fashioned bellows, a charcoal pit for the melt down, clay-moulds for the casting and self-made hand-tools for the finishing.

Ken Lofoten
Ken Ravn Hedegaard, mid-cast.
Borg, Lofoten Islands, Norway